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Monday, May 13, 2013 (Eve of Pentecost) / 5 Sivan 5773 (Erev Shavuot)

Eldersgate-Standing Tree American Indian Council & Inipi

Fire guts Eldersgate AIC, home and offices of Maggid ben YoseifAn interior view of the aftermath of the evening Feb. 25, 2013 (following Shushan Purim) fire that destroyed Eldersgate American Indian Council  in Walsenburg, Colorado.  An electrical short circuit in an inaccessible drop ceiling of the uninsurable 100+ year old structure was traced as the cause of the 3-alarm fire in which Maggid ben Yoseif escaped with the clothes on his back.  The short occurred when ben Yoseif plugged in a printer to print an earlier version of his exegesis earlier in the evening. The exegesis proposes the restoration of Native American spiritual sovereignty as the remnant of never-removed-from-Covenant First Temple Period Gileadite priests with the authority to administer the 'balm of Gilead' to "heal the nations."


Our original exegesis of Hosea 1-4, inspired by the late Orthodox rabbi emeritus, Abe Raich, z''l, titled:

Native American spiritual sovereignty restored:

End-times 'balm of Gilead' heals land for all relations"


is submitted to Native American spiritual elders in a sacred manner.  (The first copy to Jimmy Tenrivers was extended and withdrawn three times before it was received and tobacco was offered during a canupa (CHA-NU-PAH) or pipe ceremony.


This exegesis and the migratory links between Israelite East M’nashe and Native Americans end about five years of historical and exegetical research and Torah study at Eldersgate American Indian Council in Walsenburg, Co., my home since Jan. 1, 2008.


On Feb. 25, 2013, as I plugged in the printer to print out an earlier version of this exegesis, a short circuit occurred which led to an electrical fire in a drop ceiling in the 100+ year-old structure later that night.  I escaped with the clothes on my back. All office equipment, computers, hard drives, backup drives (except one four months old), exegetical reference books and Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic lexicons and concordances were destroyed. One bookcase with all of my Torah commentaries and 23 volumes of Zohar and all of my unpublished manuscripts escaped the fire.  Also, I was able to save most all of my ceremonial items (including Rabbeinu Tam and Rashi t'fillin, my medicine bag and canupa and all protocol gifts), and personal photo albums and mementos from my late father and mother, may they remembered for good, that were stored in cabinets and desk drawers.  And a safe with valuables, though badly scorched, partially melted and covered under four feet of rubble, survived. The fire gutted everything else that was not in a closed cabinet or container.

The multi-level house/offices/food pantry/council had been a HUD repo when purchased with three holes in roof, 14 holes in walls and ceilings, 12 burst water pipes, a break between the water main and the meter, four layers of rotted kitchen and bathroom floor and was stripped of light fixtures, wall floorboards, kitchen cabinets and plumbing fixtures including commodes. It also had cloth-insulated and knob and tube wiring in the drop ceiling, which is believed to be the cause of the short-circuit. (All other wiring that was accessible had been replaced).  But it was at the extreme eastern boundary of the city of Walsenburg, the Eastern gateway into the Sacred Four Corners and it was all I could afford with cash.

It did not qualify for either a rehabilitation loan or insurance. Its cost was $27,000 and I added about $10,000-$12,000 in repairs, over the past five years, most all of the work done myself, except the new 12/8 slope roof which was metal and was installed by younger and more agile men and a few members of the Apache community. The metal roof over an attic with a drop ceiling below acted like an oven.  The fire reached over 1,000 degrees in a matter of minutes.  I am told to count my blessings; that I am alive.

Eldersgate had doubled as the offices for el Huerfano (the Orphan) and the Jerusalem Torah Voice in exile and had housed my research as part of the Native American Equahiyi-Wasi society (The Abraham-Moses project of the Central Band of Cherokee began in 2000 during the tenure of Chief Joe Sittingowl White).  Equahiyi and Wasi are ancient pre-settler Cherokee names for Abraham and Moses.  Eldersgate also was an outpost of the Central Band among the Eastern Gate Apache and my headquarters as ambassador-at-large during the tenure of Chief Sittingowl.  Since 2008 it has hosted about a half-dozen elders passing through and fed and lodged several homeless members of the inipi community during different weather emergencies.  In addition to a weekly Torah study, we held Passover seders and Succot celebrations here.  It was also featured in a documentary about the Hopi message.

Before I am able to think of rebuilding Eldersgate, which council co-founder Jimmy Tenrivers Atencio says will now be called “Eldersgate Standing-Tree” – (we now realize that this vision is linked to the Sundance and a spruce tree (sacred to the Hopi) just outside my front door survived the fire unscathed)  – I must raise funds.  This means I am looking for opportunities in theological seminaries, yeshivas, churches, ashrams, synagogues, mosques, Bible studies, religious programming and inipi circles, etc., to host panel discussions, debates or meet in council on these topics which suggest the revival and restoration of Native American spiritual sovereignty, reforms to key Christian systematic theologies, doctrine and dogma and understanding of Torah precepts by the House of Joseph.

If you or your organization are wanting to sponsor a seminar, panel discussion, debate or council meeting, please contact me for more information.  A travel and speaking itinerary is now being scheduled.

I am starting over at age 60 with no paying job over the past 5 years since I have lived and researched among the Apache community, and am now forced to live with the assistance of the government and food stamps.  I am also seeking opportunities writing and editing and teaching Torah and Hebrew or lecturing on Israel and the Middle East or Native spirituality.  I have a book or two, other original exegeses and magazine articles in me as well, if there are interested publishers.  (See my profile on LinkedIn Professional Network for details of background and experience).

Gah geh you e,

Maggid ben Yoseif

Fire strikes on 56th anniversary of earlier fire

The evening Feb. 25, 2013, fire that destroyed Eldersgate A.I.C. and my home and offices occurred 56 years almost to the day – by the Hebrew calendar – on the same evening I was severely burned at age 4.

The Feb. 25, 2013, fire occurred at the close of the day in the Hebrew calendar known as Shushan Purim.  On Purim, the day before Shushan Purim in 1956, I sustained third degree burns over the entirety of my face and head after “whooping and dancing” around an unattended bonfire that was to celebrate an older sister’s birthday.

While the older kids played “Red Rover,” in an adjoining field, I danced around the fire and either got dizzy or tripped and fell in head first and could not roll or pull myself out of the roaring inferno.  A neighbor’s teenage son hurdled two barbed wire fences and rescued me as I was taking my last breath.

Because one of my three older half-sisters had completed a first aid course at her high school and knew how to treat severe burns with unsalted butter and my Mom, may she be remembered for good, had just finished churning the cows cream into butter that had not been salted, my life was spared.  (Today we know that cold water works better).

My Mom had a box of salt in one hand and the butter in a bowl in the other when she came onto the front porch to find out what all the shrieking and screaming was about.  She dropped them both and screamed herself when she saw my face nearly burned to the bone, but one of my sisters caught the bowl of butter and immediately poured it on my burns.  That saved my life.

Even so, my face was terribly marred and required about 14 years to fully heal so that I was not subject to wind and sun burns that would too easily become infected. My Mom said on the night of the fire that I did not look human so she left my older sisters to continue to butter my face while she prayed on the back porch and had the splinters in her knees the next morning, to show for it.

It is a little uncanny, with this fire occurring 56 years later.  But on Purim, “nothing is as it appears.”  I am convinced that something spiritual is going on around me but it has not prevented – only delayed – my work revealing the biblical evidence for and restoration of Native American spiritual sovereignty.

Maggid ben Yoseif

 I would like to thank those in the Apache community, my inipi brothers and sisters my relations, neighbors, friends and others in the community of Walsenburg who have encouraged and assisted me since this fire.  I want to make special mention of  my son, Aaron, who lost everything as well, including his first guitar and spent his spring break from college helping me clean up; Jimmy Tenrivers and Debbie Atencio and their sons James and Mikey; Bill and Sonja Martel, Paul and Isabel Kleinschmidt, 4-year-old Marci, who Grandfather used to give me His Word two days after the fire; Don Cryingeagle Tenorio, his mother, Dorothy, and his son, David and daughter, Alex; Buff Runningbuffalo Bernal, Grandmother Shantewashtehween, Grandpa Shorty Garcia and Grandma Alice Garcia, Tony and Angie Gallegos, Jeff and Shelli Meschke, Dale and Rosie Cruz and their son, Dale Jr., Dale Pineda and his sons, Dale Jr. and Dominick, and sister, Linda; Glen Vaughn, Memo Roybal, my neighbor, “Joe,” Teresa (the UPS driver), and Ralph Barr who recruited the seven LDS priests, elders and missionaries who helped me clear the big charred beams when it probably was not safe to do so.  (I can never agree with your theology, but your hearts are in the right place).  I would also like to thank the Huerfano County Fire Department for paying for my motel room the night of the fire and keeping the fire from spreading to my neighbors’ property, a nearby propane tank and my tool shed.  Posthumously, I would like to recognize the Ogala medicine man, John Buffaloman Wilson, may he be remembered for good, for parking his old 5th wheeler in my back yard, the temporary offices for Eldersgate-Standing Tree and my residence for now when it snows.

The emails and phone calls from outside of the community are too numerous to list, but I would like to specially thank an LDS friend from Boise, ID., Larry Fischer, for his financial help, the actress/film producer, Teresa Crespohartendorf of Los Angeles and her partner, music producer Danielle Soto, who hope to organize a benefit to help raise funds to rebuild and/or relocate. (Teresa filmed and co-produced the documentary on the message of the Hopi which included footage of Eldersgate and also assisted our efforts during the 4-foot snowstorm which struck Hopi during the initiation ceremony in 2010.  Eldersgate, through connections in the Four Corners states, was able to provide 14 cords of firewood to the Hopi when FEMA showed up with only propane) so there was no interruption of the sacred ceremony. 

Finally, the American Red Cross, Huerfano County Social Services Center and the Emergency Management center with a special thanks to Mountain Disposal of Colorado City, for going out of their way to assist the cleanup.

Renewed vision of Eldersgate-Standing Tree

The original vision of Eldersgate American Indian Council, now renamed “Eldersgate-Standing Tree AIC”  is a combination of the visions of Membreno Apache spiritual leader Jimmy Tenrivers Atencio, Abe Walkingbear Sanchez, founder of who is Zuni, and ben Yoseif, who is mixed Cherokee and past ambassador-at-large for the Central Band.

It connects with an ancient Oglala Sioux prophecy first related to ben Yoseif by the late Sioux Medicine Man John ‘Buffaloman’ Wilson, introduced to ben Yoseif by Walkingbear in 2002.  It also ties to the Sundance (and the Standing Tree) brought to southern Colorado some 15 years ago with the medicine bundles of Crazy Horse, Titus Eaglefeather and Standing Bear. Eaglefeather pierced as a boy – which is usually not allowed -- and was taught the dance by the Lakota Sioux spiritual giant, Grandfather Fools Crow.

Finally the vision of accommodating elders in the mountains of the eastern precincts of the Sacred Four Corners, to which Eldersgate was dedicated, has the blessing of Hopi medicine man Emory Holmes (Third Mesa - Hotevilla),  who laid hands on Tenrivers and ben Yoseif commissioning this work.

Wilson, who died in 2007, had earlier left Oglala country, hopped on his Harley and moved to Huerfano County, Colorado, seeking the location mentioned in this ancient prophecy, which was nailed to a wall in his barn when he was introduced to ben Yoseif:

Just before great fires will sweep the Plains, a place shall be prepared in the Mountains (Rockies) for elders to come from which to steward the healing of the land.

The original intent of Eldersgate was to provide free lodging and accommodations in nearby Walsenburg for visiting elders while they attend inipi, get to know the untribed Apache at the Eastern Gate of the Sacred Four Corners and decide whether to link their nation to this vision.  It also hosted elders passing through and homeless members of the local community during weather emergencies and served as a food pantry

Update from MbY: The fire explained above exhausted my personal resources and ability to continue to help this Hebrew priesthood so crucial to healing the factions of Joseph.  Eventually, I hope to be able to relocate and rebuild Eldersgate somewhere in the muntains nearby and continue this work.  But the obstacles are incredible. The City of Walsenburg's rival vision to rely on "fracking" in the Eastern precincts of the Sacred Four Corners to boost the local economy, has resulted in discriminations against Eldersgate (at the eastern edge of the City Limits), the local Apache, me personally and this work. Even though I determined that my water lines were intact and the back part of my tool shed had been converted to a "habitable dwelling" and my 5th wheeler (Eldersgate offices) also was a habitable dwelling, the City has denied me, these two habitable dwellings and my vegetable garden running water for more than a year. I lost an apple tree last summer and was unable to grow more than a few tomatoes. Without help, it looks like I may be forced to move on.

Maggid ben Yoseif