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'05 Thesis:

The Disputations

Removing the michshol (stumbling block)
between Joseph and Judah

© 2005 Maggid ben Yosef

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(Links to full text are at the end of each abstract)


Disputation 1:

Halachah -- Judah's perspective


Disputation 2:

Historical/biblical context


Disputation 3:

Y'shua and Halachah


Note:  Disputations 4-7 are a refutation of Messiah III:

Understanding His Identity and Teachings through the

Soul of the Torah, by Avi ben Mordecai (Brad Marcus),

a messianic Jew living in Israel whose book advocates

a mystical sh'tuf identifying Y'shua as deity. We offered this critique after first cautioning Avi about the confusion his book would cause and how.

Disputation 4:

'Soul of the Torah' ... or souls of the Torah -- one tzadik or many?


Disputation 5:

The 'lesser deity' of Y’shua -- Part I--  'P’shat is king'


Disputation 6:
The 'lesser deity' of Y'shua -- Part II -- One God and the plural idiom
Disputation 7:
The 'lesser deity' of Y'shua -- Part III --  In defense of the Masorites

Disputation 8:

Proposing the tzadik as an Halachic 'son of God'


Disputation 9:

The task of the tzadik in establishing and renewing covenant


Disputation 10:

The tzadik Y'shua: A human bridge to recovenant between the God of Israel and the assimilation of the Northern Tribes (The House of Israel)







Note: Ordinarily, we do not copyright our writings. The Disputation text may be disseminated with permission via email from the author. They must be disseminated in their entirety with no editing or changes permitted. This is being done to ensure that this highly controversial material is not taken out of context.

Mapping the problem

The outline of Judea-Samaria (above) shows that the northern two-thirds of the proposed Palestinian state (according to the pre-1967 borders), forms a partzuf of a head and crown. The two maps below show this region as (A) the biblical inheritance of  Ephraim, M'nashe and part of Benjamin or the non-Jewish House of Joseph, who is promised its return to the biblical Birthright. (Jeremiah 31:15-18, Hosea 2:1-2, Isaiah 49, and others)

Biblical Ephraim and Manassah

3D Map of Israel


and (B) A 3-D map of Israel (above) that shows Judea-Samaria is the high ground, containing all of the mountains of Israel, except the small Carmel range near Haifa. High ground given to a hostile neighboring state, spells S-U-I-C-I-D-E.


The non-Jewish House of Israel will reunite with the Jewish House of Judah 'ON THE MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL'  (Ezekiel 37:22)


And how to solve it:


A sacred use for Judea-Samaria (to reunite Joes and Jews) mandates a different region for a Palestinian state. Thus "The Zechariah Plan" introduced below.


Biblical alternative Palestinian state








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